Save Yourself During the Holiday Party Season!

Its that time of year when parties abound – office parties and parties with friends.  And don’t forget December 31st and the NewYear’s celebrations.  Here are
some tips for surviving and enjoying those holiday parties in style.

Office parties:

  • Remember it’s the office party and your image is just
    as important.  This party is not the
    time to let your hair hang down.
  • Clothes.
    If the party is an afternoon open house, casual is appropriate but
    avoid the tattered jeans and sweats.
    If the party is in the evening, dresses and pantsuits are great for
    women and suits are great for men.
  • Food. If a food is served that you are
    allergic to or don’t like don’t say anything to the host.  Just don’t eat it.  The host is not obligated to address the
    tastes of their guests.
  • Behavior.
    Don’t get drunk – it’s not appropriate at the office party or a get
    together with your friends.
    Remember not to speak with your mouth full of food.  Avoid using toothpicks in public.
  • At Midnight.
    When the clock strikes 12 toast to the New Year and then make your
    exit soon after.  Be sure to thank
    the host on your way out.
  • Don’t be the last to leave.  If it’s an open house leave when the
    time frame is over.
  • If it’s a dinner party be sure to be on time.
  • If the party is at someone’s home.  Bring a gift for the host(s) such as
    chocolate, flowers, or a bottle of wine.
    If you don’t see ashtrays, don’t light up especially in the
  • Conversation.
    If an office party talk about topics other than “shop talk.”  Consider the upcoming Olympics,
    traveling, books or movies.  Avoid
    off-colored jokes.  Try reading the
    headlines of the newspaper or listening to the news on TV or the radio or
    topics to talk about if you’re normally a wallflower.  Keep foul language out the conversation
    – for either gender it is not cool.
  • At a sit down dinner talk to both partners seated
    next to you.  Rather than pointing
    out the fly in your salad focus on positive topics.
  • Remember to introduce your significant other to the
    people you meet.  Be sure to include
    them in the conversation.

About vseitz

Marketing Professor at California State University, San Bernardino and author of "I Don't Wear A Suit."

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