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Outfit of the Day!

Brown, as a color, is a great neutral.  Mix shades and textures of this color to create an outfit that’s comfortable and sharp.  Here we pulled together a suede bomber jacket from Target, hollywood style trousers from JCP, and a turtleneck from Chicos.  Make sure to draw attention to your face with accessories such as jewelry and scarves.  Looking good!


Shoes – Tips to make them last!

 I love shoes!  And I am not the only one.  However, shoes are not cheap so keeping them in tip top shape will ensure they last their life and make you look good!

Shoe care is simple but extremely important.  While the price of leather has soared, the quality of shoes has gone down.  Shoes don’t last years; if they are not cared for, they won’t last even one year.

  • The key to keeping your shoes and other leather goods in tip-top condition is polish.  Polish protects the leather from drying out or being ruined by a sudden rain.
  • Avoid quick-drying liquid polishes:  these contain alcohol, which can dry out the leather.  Instead, use cream polishes such as Meltonian, which cleans and shines shoes in one step.
  • When you purchase new shoes, a new bag, or a new briefcase, treat the item to a past-polish rubdown toward off soil penetration.
  • After wearing, brush shoes and give them at least a day’s rest.  This allows them to air out and foot perspiration to dry.
  • While shoes are at rest, preserve their shape with shoe-trees.  When you travel, place shoes in bags to protect them and your clothing.
  • If you do get caught in the rain, let your shoes dry naturally away from any direct heat source, such as a radiator.  Stuff the toe area with some paper towels to absorb moisture and to help retain the shape of the shoe.  Remove any salt or stains with white vinegar and water mixed in equal parts.  Once the shoes have dried, condition and polish them.
  • Check shoes heels and soles periodically.  Are the heels worn through? Send them to a repair shop immediately.
  • Or perhaps the heel of your shoe gets caught on something and the leather tears.  Send them to the repair shop.  Don’t wait until they’re ready to be thrown away to get them repair.  At the price of shoes today, proper care is essential.





When it Gets Stressful – Remain Civil

As we get back into action after the holidays, things can get pretty overwhelming and out of hand.  To avoid jeopardizing your job and your relationships with co-workers, the boss or your family or friends, remain civil.

In other words, be decent, polite, or practice The Golden Rule.  In a former time it was called etiquette that being respect for everyday living.  What happened to it?  It’s not just on the streets where people blast their horns because you don’t go fast enough, it’s in Congress.   Remember when South Carolina Representative Joe Wilson made a loud remark during President Obama’s State of the Union address?    President Obama even pointed out the importance of civility at his Notre Dame address to graduates, “one of the things I’m trying to figure out is, how can we make sure that civility is interesting.”  Interesting???  I guess if it’s interesting we will remain civil in the course of our actions and discussions with others on a daily basis.  Whatever. . . !

Whether it’s in the political arena or on the playing field, or in interactions with others, being civil and polite is the key to keeping your A game.  The Vancouver Sun (April 4, 2008, identified 10 rules for being civil.  Try these on for size and see if they don’t enhance your ability to be successful in everything you do.

  1. Pay Attention to what’s going on.
  2. Practice Compassion.
  3. Act.
  4. Hold individual accountable for what they do.
  5. Be clear in stating your case.
  6. Listen.
  7. Be prepared to change.
  8. Avoid physical and emotional violence.
  9. Remain genuine.
  10. Treat others with the respect with which you’d like to be treated.

Outfit of the Day – Menswear!

Jeans are hot! Not only are they perfect for an evening out but also for work.  For men, jeans are perfect when topped with a crisp shirt and blazer.  And for those cooler months add a button sweater vest for a well coordinated, professional look.