Hot for Spring 2012

I’m ready for spring and so I’ve been keen on what are the latest fashion trends coming down the runway.  You’ve probably already seen some of them since many retailers are already displaying spring merchandise.  When it comes to these trends remember to put your own spin to it and update your wardrobe to carry you through the season.  One or two key pieces either as a top or an accessory will surely put a spring in your step in the months ahead.  Below is a list of some of the most prevalent trends being featured in Vogue and Glamour.

  • Tangerine:  Or on the softer side coral.  These are difficult colors to wear but can be introduced in small quantities through accessories such as belts, jewelry and handbags.  If you have warm undertones in your skin then tangerine is your color.  For winters and summers with cooler undertones this color will wash us out.  If you want to wear the color in a top wear a scarf around your neck in the colors that complement your skin tone such as navy, blue, or green.
  • Metallics: Metallics are wonderful in accessories such as belts, shoes and bags.  But consider adding more metallics in your jewelry collection this season. Further when wearing metallic jewelry take a risk and mix the metals such as pewter, gold and bronze.  If you really want to try metallics consider jeans or tops to take this fashion trend to the max.
  • Color blocking:  After a somber fall and winter we are ready for color.  Great color combinations are showing up in block designs in swimsuits, dresses and separates.
  • Neutral magic: The neutrals make all the brightness of spring possible.  Neutrals such as black, gray, off white, camel, beige and taupe will always be mainstays.
  • The trench:  The trench coat is still a valid member of our wardrobes for spring in neutrals, as well as bright and bold tones and hues.
  • Bold prints: Be careful if you aren’t into color, this spring’s fashion trends employ primary colors that invigorate the soul.  If you love color, this is your season!
  • Pastels: Just as much as we love color, spring wouldn’t be spring if fashion did not showcase pastels in their designer shows.  Wear them in small quantities such as a jacket, short or top.
  • Futuristic designs: With today’s technologically savvy fabrics you too can participate in designs that will prepare you for the next century.

Here are just some of the trends popping up at runway shows for more information check out the latest Vogue or Glamour magazines.  Happy spring!


About vseitz

Marketing Professor at California State University, San Bernardino and author of "I Don't Wear A Suit."

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