White at the Office – Oh My!

The color for summer is white.  However, depending on the nature of your professional will determine how much white you incorporate in your business wardrobe.  Here are some tips that will help you to make peace with fashion in the office.

  • If employed in traditional fields such as banking, accounting and financial planning, wear white in small doses.  A white shirt will always be a mainstay in a business wardrobe no matter the field.
  • If employed in marketing, television, real estate, incorporate white in greater doses such as a white jacket and spectator pumps.
  • If employed in the fashion, interior design, theater or the movie business, the unexpected is expected.  Incorporate white as in a white suit with nontraditional lines such a safari style or box style jacket.  Forget the hat and consider spectator pumps or sling backs in white and another color.
  • Remember that white makes an image appear larger so use it to your advantage.  Wearing a white jacket and dark slacks or skirt will make the top portion of your body in proportion to the bottom half, which is the case with most women.
  • Forget totally white shoes.  If you have large feet this will only make them appear larger.  Spectator pumps are always in style and create a sophisticated look to any business ensemble.
  • Be sure to accessorize with gold, silver or pearls to create the look of affluence.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable with wearing white, consider it in small doses such as a white belt, scarf or white purse.
  • And yes, you can wear white after Labor Day!

White is a great color this summer.  It’s cool and hot at the same time.  However, when it comes to business, moderation is the key.




About vseitz

Marketing Professor at California State University, San Bernardino and author of "I Don't Wear A Suit."

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