If You’re a Slave to Fashion – Here’s an Alternative!

As we come up on the fall season for fashion are you still spending your clothing budget on keeping up with trends?  As a marketer that would make me very happy to have you buying every time a new season is introduced – which by the way is five times a year for women’s apparel.

But as a person that has other payments to make besides keeping my professional wardrobe in shape, trying to keep up with fashion trends is a ball and chain around my ankle that I don’t need. When I was in the fashion business it was my job to be in fashion.  Now that I am not I’ve found an alternative – classics.   And you might consider them too.

Why?  Classics are always in fashion, year in and year out.  Designers always introduce some form of classic styles on the runway each year.  Those that are affluent and influential see the value and prestige of staying with the classics.  What constitutes a classic?  Let me give you some examples and some tips for staying in fashion without busting the bank with classics.

  • If you just love fashion find the one key piece that is common among the new styles being introduced that will update it and get that.
  • Without killing your pay check you can update your wardrobe with key accessories, such as scarves, jewelry, belts and hosiery.
  • Pick classic styles like navy blazers, camel sportcoats, pinstriped suits, button-down collared shirts, shirtwaist dresses, trench coats and coat dresses.
  • The suit will never go out of style so choose either double or single breasted suits.
  • Shoes such as pumps and loafers for women and oxfords, wingtips and slip-ons for men are here forever.
  • There are classics in colors such as navy, black, and charcoal grey that are worn around the world all year long.
  • Keep with classic patterns such as houndstooth, tweed, herringbone, regimental stripes, and chalk stripes.
  • Try classic plaids such as tartan, windowpane, scotch and glen plaids.  Glen plaids are also known as bankers’ plaids.
  • For women’s jewelry keep to gold, silver or pearls.  Heck, they don’t have to be real but they do create the aire of affluence that women need to make an impact in a competitive work environment.

Staying up with fashion is work – that is why it is called a business.  Be in fashion all year long with investing in the classics!


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About vseitz

Marketing Professor at California State University, San Bernardino and author of "I Don't Wear A Suit."

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