Being the Dream Guest: Part 2

Polite guests reward the time and effort of throwing a party, and they are remembered for this.  Indeed, an essential part of projecting a positive image is conducting yourself properly when invited to a restaurant, a reception, or the company picnic.  As your client’s or boss’s guest, you are being evaluated in these environments.  Being a good guest contributes to your continued success since job skills become less important and human skills grow in importance as you move up the corporate ladder.

Here are some more tips that will ensure your reputation as a dream guest:

  • Even if it’s your best buddy giving an informal potluck supper, it’s only polite that you let your friend know whether you will be there and what you can bring.  Always R.S.V.P.
  • Guest should arrive to a dinner at the time specified on the invitation.  If you are more than 15 minutes late, you should approach your host and apologize.  The host will probably serve you the course that they are on.
  • For a cocktail party scheduled from 5 to 7 pm you should arrive no later than 5:30 and leave no earlier than 6:30.
  • A polite guest doesn’t overstay his or her welcome.  If you arrived late, it doesn’t mean that you can stay late.  Don’t be the last to leave.  And please don’t wait for the host to say, “Let’s call it a night.”
  • If you’re at a dinner party and the host offers you something you can’t eat or drink, simply say, “No, thank you.” Don’t give your host the whole tale abo8ut being allergic to the food or following a special diet.
  • When you leave a party, say goodbye to the people you were talking to and to the host.  When saying goodbye to the host(s), remember to thank them for the evening.  If the party has a guest of honor, it is important to say goodbye to this person as well.
  • When a single person has a party in his or her home and does not have hired help, invited guests should offer to help in the kitchen both before and after the meal.  When the main course is finished, it would also be a polite gesture to help remove the dishes for the host.  I believe the important part is to offer the help.  If the host says no, fine; however, he may find it difficult to ask for needed help, so do make the offer.
  • When you are invited to someone’s home for a cocktail party, reception, or dinner party, it’s always a welcome gesture to bring the host flowers, a bottle of wine, a box of candy, or some other gift just to show your appreciation for invitation.  Refrain from elaborate gifts; these can only make your host uneasy and cause the other guests to question your relationship with the host(s).
  • Do not indulge in loud arguments or discussion.  In other words, don’t get hostile with the other guests.  If you start to become angry with someone or something at the party, either leave or get a breath of fresh air.  You can just say, “Excuse me, please, I need to freshen up,” or just “Excuse me, please, it’s been a pleasure speaking with you, but I must tend to an important matter; thanks again for the conversation.”
  • Again, after any party, luncheon date or event, write a thank you not.  You will be remembered and truly appreciated.



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