Super Bowl Party (at the Boss’ House) What to Wear?

This Sunday there will be lots of Super Bowl parties that you’ll be invited to.  If one of them comes from the boss to celebrate at their house or at another location what is the game plan when it comes to dress and what to do

BOTTOM LINE: Put your best foot forward because this is an opportunity to shine and market yourself in a subtle way.  Look your best and be your best abstaining from truly downing the liquor as you would if you were home or at your buddies.

If you get an invitation and it has the word “casual” in it here are some of the variations and their interpretation.  Bottom line you will want to make sure that your clothing is clean, pressed, coordinated and accessorized.  If jeans are in the picture go with those that are tailored with a dark wash.  Further, when it comes to events that are for your work sexy attire or fashion extremes are not appropriate.

  • Dressy Casual: Usually means a sport coat and trousers for men and tailored separates for women.
  • Resort Casual: Includes Hawaiian or leisure shirts worn out and trousers, or a sport coat and trousers for men, and breezy tops and pants or day dresses for women.
  • Smart Casual: Usually means a sport coat for men and tailored separates for women.
  • For men, if invited to the boss’ house for dinner, to watch the Super Bowl, whether you are entertaining clients or not, put your best foot forward.  In businesses where jeans are permitted consider dark colored twill’s like Dockers that are cleaned and pressed topped with a dress shirt tucked in, belted with nice shoes.  Even if it’s a barbeque avoid the hoodie, hats, flip flops, and body piercings as you would when you go to work. Consider a good pair of jeans and a sport shirt that is pressed.
    • If you are in a business where jackets are optional, consider dress slacks in a wool or cotton blend with a dress shirt tucked in and belted with a blazer.  Or try a long sleeve dress shirt with a cardigan or sweater over the shoulders and trousers.  If you’re invited for the annual Super Bowl party your good jeans and perhaps a turtleneck with or without a blazer.
    • For businesses where suits are required, a sport coat or blazer will be the order when clients or potential clients are present at the boss’ house.  Consider a button-down pinpoint oxford dress shirt with coordinating trousers in gray or taupe.  If invited over to watch the Super Bowl or to a barbeque, consider denim trousers and a dress shirt with a V-neck sweater or a polo top and blazer.
  • For women if you’re invited to the boss’ house to entertain clients or prospective clients, or for a barbeque or to watch the Super Bowl, consider these options if jeans are permitted at work.  When entertaining clients consider slacks in dark colors with a tunic top belted or a dark skirt with a fitted blouse with a sweater over the shoulder or a nice jean jacket.  Consider acetate spandex tops and bottoms with an over shirt.  Make sure to accessorize for impact with earrings and interesting jewelry; however, keep the body piercings at home.  For the barbeque or to watch the Super Bowl consider jeans or a denim skirt with layered tops or a shift.  Try a turtleneck with your denim bottoms.  Consider boots or sandals but no flip flops.  Try to stay away from strapless sundresses and terry velour fabrics.

Enjoy the Game!!



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