Travel Light and Right: Part 1

Planning your travels for this summer?  Got a business trip around the corner?  Here are some packing tips from Preview Media, Inc. (1996) that will surely make your trip more enjoyable.

  • Never bring more than you can carry yourself.
  • Make sure that the last items you pack are the first things you will need when you arrive at your destination.
  • Make a checklist.
  • Bring one or two color combinations that you can mix or match for the best results.
  • Place heavier items on the bottom and things you’ll need right away, like pajamas and toothbrush, on top.
  • Pack a collapsible lightweight bag if you plan to bring home more than you take.
  • A full but not overstuffed suitcase helps to keep clothes wrinkle-free.
  • Any unfilled spaces should be stuffed with tissue paper so that the contents will not slide.
  • Luggage tags should be placed on the inside of your suitcase as well as outside.  For the outside tag, your business address should be used to avoid a robbery at your home while you’re away.
  • A copy of your itinerary taped to the inside of your suitcase will enable airline to locate you in the event of misrouted luggage.
  • Select clothes that are washable and drip-dry.
  • Keep two packing lists-one for short trips and one for long stays- inside your luggage.
  • Take the packing list with you so you know what you have.
  • When packing items that can wrinkle, close all buttons, zippers, and snaps.
  • Fold each item along its natural creases.
  • Drape each garment across the suitcase so that the ends hang over the side.
  • Alternate putting the top of each garment on the right and left sides so that the thickness remains uniform.  Next fold each items around the other, alternating the over hang from right and left sides.  Your garments cushion each other, thus preventing wrinkles.
  • Include a few plastic bags for dirty or damp clothes.
  • Bring sentimental items to put on the night table next to the bed.
  • When packing a hard-sided suitcase begin buy putting all heavy items like shoes and toiletry kits on the bottom near the hinges.  Then roll the clothes that won’t wrinkle (i.e. sweaters, socks, T-shirts) and place them around heavier items.  This prevent heavy items from sliding and wrinkling clothes when carrying the suitcase.
  • Always have an additional small pouch packed with commonly needed items such as aspirin, bandages, or small sewing kit.
  • Shoes should be placed in plastic bags to prevent them from soiling other clothes.
  • Small, soft items such as socks and stocking may be used to stuff clothes that easily lose shape, like a man’s shirt collar.

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