What to Wear if you’re Small or Large

No matter your size, accentuate the positive and minimize the negative.  Strategically dress to truly impress!

Petite Figure

            Do Wear:

·         One-tone or one-color suit in cool colors

·         Delicate high heeled shoes

·         Slim-line skirts

·         Vertical patterns in pinstripes

·         Vertical seaming

·         Slim-line slacks

·         Three Button Suits

Don’t Wear:

·         Bulky, complicated clothing

·         Cluttered necklines

·         Skirt too long or too short

·         Ankle strap shoes

·         Thick-soled or heavy shoes

·         Plaids

·         Tweeds

·         Double-breasted jackets

Large Figure

            Do Wear:

·         Clothing that fits well

·         Well-tailored dark suits

·         Cloths that accent the face i.e. printed shirts, scarves around the neck

·         Solid colors

·         Smooth fabrics

·         Pin or chalk-striped suits

·         Tops and shirts outside the skirt or trousers

·         Narrow belt pushed down a bit further than normal

·         Blouson tops

·         Light-colored shirts with belts lighter than the pants

Don’t wear:

·         Skintight or very loose garments

·         Bold patterns

·         Front-pleated trousers

·         Pleated or dirndl skirts

·         Large plaids

·         Bulky sweaters

·         Unstructured jackets

·         Colors that change at the waist

·         Wide Belts


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Marketing Professor at California State University, San Bernardino and author of "I Don't Wear A Suit."

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