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Selecting a Greeting Card for a Co-Worker

I recently had to purchase a birthday for one of my colleague’s 40th birthday.  I purchased two cards, gave a look over after I bought them and decided they were inappropriate for work; hence, the reason for this blog entry.  Cards, whether e-cards or paper ones, are excellent ways to congratulate a co-worker regarding their accomplishments personally and professionally.  It is important to acknowledge co-workers accomplishments – you would want them to do the same for you.  When it comes to cards for any occasion for co-workers the best direction is to go conservative.  If you have to think twice about what the card is saying don’t buy it.  Here are some additional tips to consider:

  • Avoid inferences to sex
  • Avoid inferences to gender
  • Avoid inferences to religion and politics
  • Avoid inferences to romantic love

It really depends on the nature of your relationship with your co-worker.  If you have a close relationship then the message will be mutually understood.  However, when it comes to the boss, an acknowledgement of a birthday or an arrival of a baby or grand child, a card is a thoughtful gesture that enhances any work relationship so being conservative is the best road to go.   It’s when you recognize others and let them know that you are thinking of them that makes the biggest difference with the office.    Consider having some personalized note cards made so that you can send a note of congratulations to colleagues and associates anytime.  Your efforts will go miles with others and contribute to your career success.