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Travel Light but Right: 7 Tips for Breezing through Security


  •   Wear Slip on Shoes
  •      Wear your blazer (it will give you tons of room in your suitcase).
  •       If bringing a carry-on bag the TSA provides tips for packing this so the security agent can see everything quickly if they need to open it.  Go to
  •        Know the TSA regulations for liquids and have them available.  Basically its 3-1-1, liquids in containers no larger than 3.4 ounces, 1 clear quart size zip lock bag to put them in, and one suitcase.  Have the zip lock bag in your outer compartment of your luggage so you can get it out quickly as you approach security.
  •     Make sure all your electronics are out and your pockets are empty and your jewelry and belts are off.  You will also have to take off any jackets and scarves.
  •  Have your laptop in a TSA approved carrier, opened and ready to go through the screener.  Go to for specifics; however, the carrier should have a laptop only section that opens and lies flat without inside or outside pockets and no zippers or buckles inside or underneath this side.  Moreover, only keep the laptop in this section.
  • Have your boarding pass and ID in your hand.