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Your Image is part of your Identity

Image is truly part of your identity and an integral part of how others describe you.  Does your image support your intangible attributes such as intelligence, maturity, responsibility, and success?  Have you ever thought about asking your friends or colleagues what they think of you?  More importantly, does what they say support how you want to be described?

YOU have the power to manage how others see you and if you are not getting the response you want in your professional or personal life, one place to look is how you look!

Whether you tell people about yourself, how you dress and your body language is always telling people about who you are.  Do you slump or give a weak handshake? Are you constantly looking down avoiding eye contact?  Do you point your finger at someone when you are talking to them intimidating them?

How about the clothes you wear, do they fit?  Are they clean and in good condition.  Are your clothes pressed and clean and are you wearing an ensemble that is coordinated?

How you appear to others communicates a lot about who you are as a person that can either build a bridge of rapport with others or a barrier of friction and solitude.

By not taking command of your appearance, you allow others to decide for themselves who you are, limiting your success professionally and personally!

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