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Do I look Fat? Clothing Tips so you Don’t

Nothing makes you look bigger than you are as when your clothes don’t fit.  Either too tight or too lose clothing draws attention to your figure flaws without having to say a word. Here are some tips so you don’t.

  • No gaps up front: Shirts need to lie smoothly over the bust and chest area as well as allow for two fingers ease around the neck with a closed shirt.
  • Pants and skirts should fit smoothly over legs, derrier and around the waist.  Fit the widest part of your body and alter the waist so that it fits.  If its pulling at the hip or crotch go up a size.  As well, pants and skirt should close easily with enough ease that there is no “muffin top” or hangover.
  • Seams should rest on the shoulder.  Particularly for set in sleeves, you want the shoulder seam to rest at the edge of the shoulder bone so the underarm area has enough ease for freedom of movement.
  • Sleeves should come to approximately an inch below the wrist bone
  • Collars and cuffs should not pinch.  As mentioned earlier two finger ease in the collar and a finge ease in the cuff.
  • Proper length is essential.  Neither too long or too short.  For skirts, let them land about the knee as this is the most becoming length for a woman.  For pants, they should rest with a slight break on the top of the shoe and land about the heel and sole in the back.
  • Wear dark colors such as black and navy to appear 10 pounds smaller and bring attention to your best selling feature with a bright scarf or necktie near the face.
  • For women with large breasts, avoid square neck top, short sleeves and horizontal stripes that are evenly placed. Rather, focus on three quarter length sleeves, long sleeves that taper at the wrist, and long sleeved shirts.
  • Wear the classics such as A-line skirts, straight skirts, blazers, pin strip suits, tailor-notched collars shirts, and double pleated skirts. As a man, you will look pounds thinner with a navy pin striped suit that is closed. Avoid peter-pan or round collar shirts.
  • Avoid heavily texured fabrics such as tweeds and shiny fabrics, they only make you appear larger.
  • For women wear your tops and shirts outside the skirt or pant to camouflague the stomach.
  • For both men and women (and even if you aren’t size 14 or above) avoid front-pleated trousers if you have a tummy. Go for plain front pants instead.
  • Go for structure in your clothing selections. This incorporates straight lines that balance out the roundness and creates a proportioned appearance.
  • Make sure that jackets cover the derrier.
  • In accessories focus on straight, long shapes in earrings and necklaces. Avoid short necklaces, rather ones that emphasize length. Scarves should be long and worn as such. For men, if you have a 17 or above neck size, buy the extra long ties.