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What to Wear in a Season Called Transition

Here it is October already and fall clothing is on the racks and you are, as in my case, still melting with summer heat.  In other parts of the country the weather is cooling a bit.  I bet in Alaska it’s getting cold now as well as parts of Maine and Minnesota.  But fashion has a season called transition that is the time before fall really hits and temperature start to decline for real.  In California, it is cool in the morning and night and hot during midday that probably describes this time of year the best.  As in most of the country it’s called an Indian summer.  Anyhow it is so difficult to dress for this part of the year so here are some tips that may help you handle the season of transition.

  • See what is being advertised in the fashion magazines for this period and choose one or two items that will work with your wardrobe and up date it.
  • Dress in layers.  If it is cool in the morning, try a sweater set where you can shed the sweater later in the day in your office.  But when a client or the boss comes in, put the sweater back on.  It is like your jacket.
  • You might consider wearing a suit and blouse with a v-neck sweater vest or open vest that coordinates with your ensemble.
  • Consider purchasing a light jacket like an all weather raincoat and just wear it without the liner.
  • If it’s really cold in the mornings, consider a leather jacket rather than a suit jacket that coordinates and looks business like.
  • Forget the sandals at this time.  Although in California it is still hot consider sling backs rather than mules.
  • Consider going into darker fall-like colors as opposed to summer ones.  Muted bronzes, olives, black, charcoal gray and navy are good choices.
  • In summary, to handle this up and down season, dress in layers but remember, your outfit must look complete when everything is on as well as off.