Book Synopsis

I Don’t Wear A Suit!

Guide to Style for ALL OF US

It’s still important to dress and look good forwork!  However, over the years, there has
been a demise of professional dress – dressing for work has gotten downright sloppy.  What’s a company to do, let alone its employees?  Meanwhile, there are all sorts of jobs and careers, and they necessitate appropriate dress for work, whether it’s a law firm, a factory, or a university.

It used to be that the only appropriate office attire that communicated success was the suit.  Today, there is a continuum of options that are just as appropriate and
successful-looking, depending on where you work and what you do.  I don’t wear a suit and I’m not about to buy one; yet I do make an effort to dress in a professional manner.

As a former fashion coordinator and retailer, and now a marketing educator, Dr. Seitz can assure you that marketing yourself isjust as important as having another business do this for you.  Your image matters.  It’s no longer “Dress for Success” with just
suits; nevertheless, what you wear has to communicate the best about you.

This book is for men and women and with the information you will learn how to dress for your job and career. You’ll be able to dress up or down, depending on what your needs are at the workplace.  Today, there truly is a continuum of clothing
possibilities that spell success no matter what we do for a living!

I Don’t Wear A Suit is the musthave handbook for men and women for dressing great in TODAY’S workplace!  Specifically you will be able to:

*  Identify the foundations of good style anddesign

*  Identify the appropriate clothing for yourworkplace

*  Use color to develop your own individual lookthat WORKS for you

*  Maximize your assets and minimize yourliabilities for your body type

*  Accessorize for impact

*  Travel light but right

*  Develop a dress policy that protects yourbusiness’ brand image

Table of Contents



Introduction:It’s a New World Out There!

Chapter 1: Looking Good IS Important

Chapter 2: The New Continuum of Dressing for Success

Chapter 3: Workplace Dress 101: Getting Started

Chapter 4: The 9 to 5 Dilemma

Chapter 5: If Work Goes Beyond Five O’Clock

Chapter 6: Travel Light and Right

Chapter 7: The Foundation of Style

Chapter 8: Make Color Work for You

Chapter 9: Maximize Your Assets, Minimize Your Liabilities

Chapter 10: Create Impact with Accessories

Chapter 11: Take Care of Your Investment

Chapter 12: Skin Deep

Chapter 13: Good Quality, The Right Fit

Chapter 14: A Word to Employers

Chapter 15: It’s More Than the Clothes You Wear






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