Victoria A. Seitz, Ph.D.

Victoria A. Seitz, Ph.D.

 Victoria Seitz, Ph.D. is an internationally recognized speaker, author, quoted expert
and consultant with over 30 years experience in fashion and marketing.  Clients of Dr. Seitz include Abbott Laboratories, General Dynamics, Northern Telecom, Texas Instruments, Yellow Freight Systems, Sally Beauty Company International, the United States ArmedForces, Travellife magazine, YMCA and Accountants Overload in addition to law firms, hotels, newspapers,universities, banks, credit unions, national and local community and professional organizations.

She is the author of four books including Your Executive Image  (Adams Media) and Power Dressing  (Ron Jon Publishing) and has appeared on TV and radio shows across the country and in Canada. She has been interviewed the world over on the topic of image and marketing and has been quoted in numerous publications including Investor’s Business Daily, the Los Angeles Times,and Business Week.   As well, she has published hundreds of articles for newspapers, magazines, and various business journals on the topic of image and marketing.  In addition, Dr. Seitz has made numerous presentations to groups throughout the world.

“I wrote this book, “I Don’t Wear a Suit” to help all of us look better at work.  The suit is not the only clothing item that communicates success.  Success comes dressed
in all apparel.  Because clothing requirements for the workplace are much more varied today this book helps men and women define their style appropriately for business whether they work in a factory, teach, argue a case in court, or sell.  The book also provides tips for Human Resource professionals and business owners to clearly define their dress code for work to maintain and enhance their brand image.”

Dr. Seitz is currently a professor of marketing at California State University, San
Bernardino.  Prior to this she worked as an assistant designer for Frec Baggs, Inc;, as a  fashion coordinator for Burdines Department Stores (Now Macy’s); and in retail management for Saks Fifth Avenue. Dr. Seitz earned her Bachelor’s degree at Kansas State University and Master’s and PhD. in merchandising and marketing at Oklahoma State University.

Dr.Seitz currently lives outside of Los Angeles with her dog Pauly.  She loves to travel and learn about othercultures.  Additionally, her other interests include exercise, dancing and art. The daughter of a military father, Dr. Seitz was born and lived in Rio
de Janeiro, Brazil.


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