A Suit for the Interview? Well . . . Maybe

Usually when it comes to a job interview a suit is the order of the day.  But what if you are going for a job in the tech industry, as a fashion coordinator with a retailer or perhaps a fryer cook at Wendy’s?  No matter what, make sure you look your best and that your clothes are clean and pressed without lost buttons and holes.  Dressing sexy and revealing skin or tattoos doesn’t work for any job position you’re aiming for.

•    If you don’t know what is normally worn, find out from the administrative assistant or wander incognito at the firm and observe what employees and supervisors wear. Depending on the corporate culture, the type of job, where you live and what you do, you may be wearing a suit, either pant or skirted variety or a less formal ensemble such as trousers and a sweater set or blazer but whatever you wear dress up a step from what is normally worn.  Avoid jeans and sequins.

•    If jackets are optional or jeans are permitted consider a fitted shit over pressed trousers with a blazer.

•    Be coordinated.  Not everything goes with everything but consider starting with a neutral such as camel, dark brown or black, in your trousers, skirt or blazer and go from there.

•    Accessorize for impact but don’t overwhelm.  Avoid flip-flops and sandals and opt for loafers or pumps with a moderate heel, that are cleaned and polished.

•    Practice personal hygiene from head to toe and make sure your nails are manicured but not in the spot light.


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About vseitz

Marketing Professor at California State University, San Bernardino and author of "I Don't Wear A Suit."

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